Seven Quick Tips For Enhancing Your Style.

“If first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.”

By Quentin (English writer)

You do not need to reinvent your wardrobe or invest in expensive couture, clothing to enhance your style. Here are seven tips to help you get started in creating a personal Style that works for you.

1)Use color to make a statement-Colour and fashion trends are good to know,but it is what calls to you inside that counts. Just a pop of color makes everything look new and revived. Lift tailored grey pants by adding a lavender,rose or turquoise top and change the whole impact of your outfit.Focus on colors that enhance your body and features. What colors call to you?! make sure you have at least one article of clothing in your closet or one accessory that sings that colour.

2)Use black the right way-Everyone loves black,it is dark and mysterious. It slims and gives contrast to everything but not everyone looks good in black.If it washes out your complexion, make sure you put a more complementary color next to your face with a scarf or necklace.Choose midnight blue, dark grey or rich chocolate brown instead of black for the same style statement.

3)Give new life to what you already have-I have a top I designed over ten years ago then I happen to wear it then matched it with a dramatic necklace and believe you me,I was being stopped along the streets and this top was getting lots of compliments-not about my necklace but about my ten year old top!. The necklace gave it a new life. Take inventory of your wardrobe and invest in one new piece that pops something you already have and makes it look brand new.

4)Mix and match fabrics and texture to add interest and make a statement-Okay here’s the deal, fabrics involves all the senses, sight, sound, smell and touch.Think about the smell of lether, the sound of beads and fringe moving, the touch of silk and satin on your skin.Using a printed satin lining inside a business jacket is a special suprise. Mix lether and lace, suede and wool plaid silk and feathers. Go through your closet and drawers and play,see what mixes and matches to create a new look.

5)Use accessories to bring out the real you-Unique pieces will set you apart and bring out your individuality. Jewelery can be dramatic and exciting. Consider cuff bracelets in gold and silver with colored stones. Jet beads and pearls in all colors.A scarf or shawl can renew a suit.

6)Buy one well-made,must have investment piece that will last a lifetime- Cheap chic rarely lasts beyond the season,so use this garments and accessories to add a current vibe to your image. Go slowly and start small.  Add one good piece each season.

7)Draw attention to your best features- Play with different colors, cloths, jewelery and all that to see what works for you and what brings out the best in you.

“Accent your positive,delete the negatives.”

     By Donna Karan (American fashion Designer)

Now,once you have decided on the style or combination of styles you want,go through your closet and have fun. Mix and match garments, fabrics and accessories to create an entirely new look that captures the image you want. Some garments may no longer fit the style you are looking for. If so give that clothing away or sell it.

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“You are not a page out of Vogue.”

Unknown author

Do you know who you are?! What you stand for and how you expect to be treated?! If you don’t?! it’s really going to be hard to build an image that really works for you and furthers your goals.

Build a wardrobe out of basic and classic pieces with a timeless appeal then spice things up with a few pieces that can be edited out later.You will have the makings of a wardrobe that will take you to wherever you want to go for years to come.Make a list of goals in different areas of your life.Try to come up with at least three for example;

1) Find a job making at least $80,000 per year.

2) Have a More romantic relationship with my husband.

3) Be more authoritative, but fun mum.

You get the idea, right?!Now write down a few words that can describe traits necessary to achieve the same goals. once you have an idea of the message you want to send, building an image to support that will be much easier.For instance, a high-paying job will require that you send forth a message of competence, dependability and leadership. One of the greatest tools at your disposal will be a matched suit with additional pieces that will allow you to mix and match.A jacket is always a sign of authority and a matched suit is the height of professionalism. It is what the person in charge wears.

In a formal work environment,use darker fabrics, with small or no pattern and straight or angular lines are in the details and tailoring.This look says loudly,”I am in charge and i know what i am doing and I am worth every penny i am paid.”Match this outfit with impeccable manners and confident body language and you will be seen by all as someone who is competent and confident.

Now a romantic look will use opposite cues, like softer, more playful colors, pattern and tend to be floral or have other feminine themes and softer fabrics and curved lines such as fuffles or flounces.Does this sound too soft for you?! Never fear!. Even the most assertive woman can wear a beautifully draped silk blouse and a string of Pearls with a light colored suit and look every bit of the seductive woman.

Know yourself, know your massage and the battle is halfway WON!!This is only the beginning of the many messages we want to send via our image.Now if this post has been of great help, kindly leave a like or a comment.Cheers!!


Every woman has a beautiful, unique and manageable body. Learning to live with and love your body is essential in feeling and looking good all day,any day. The essence of dressing your body type is so that you get to enhance your assets as you get to deal with the less desirable/challenging parts of your body to bring out the best possible look ever.

When you select the right cloths to show off what you like about you and camouflage what you dislike,you begin to feel more confident in your clothing and your body. Believe me,most stylish women don’t necessarily have a perfect body but they have learned on what to wear and what to avoid. They accentuate their assets and minimise on their less than perfect areas of their body.Now let me bring to your understanding that there are four universal body types; Diamond, Hourglass, Pearl and Rectangle

Diamond shape: The shoulders are larger than the hips and the Burst.

Hourglass shape: The shoulders and hips are about the same size with a well defined waist line.

Pearl shape: The hips are wider than your shoulders.

Rectangle: The shoulders, hips and burst are of the same size but the waist line is undefined.

Now by taking these four simple measurements of your waist, Burst, hips and waist you can determine your basic shape closet to your own body shape and use it as a guide to enhance and develop your own personal style.Now that you have your measurements, you can now choose garments that enhance your body in all the right ways based on your body type.

“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence; Serving it’s purpose without obstructing the view.”

By Sophia Loren(Italian actress)

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First impressions count and more than half of a first impression comes from how you look to others.Visual signals create a lasting impression that affects both personal and professional career opportunities. Your personal style is your individual look. It tells the world who you are and what you think about yourself.What you are inside is VISIBLE in your personal style.Your personal style speaks louder than your words and is a powerful communication tools. Like most tools, you can use it to build something great or it can be misused and put in the position of having to repair a style mistake. unfortunately,image mistakes can be hard to overcome. Ever seen “What was she thinking?” photography of celebrities who were looking less desirable and believe me you NEVER want to be the ‘star’ in this kind of a photo.

What is”PERSONALSTYLE?”Personal style is basically a combination of many things including clothing, grooming,posture gestures, energy levels and spirit. In order to create a personal style you need to answer some questions;

  • How do you see yourself?!
  • Is anything holding you back from expressing yourself?;
  • What makes you unique?

How to create a personal style

“I am very out of style…or I should say,have my own style.”

-Alexandra Paul(American actress)

It can be difficult to label on what your style is. So most styles fall under few basic categories. Personally I use five basic styles to focus on the particular look I want to achieve and they are as follows;

  1. Dramatic. So this is bold and theatric. It paints a picture of someone who is not afraid to stand out and exudes confidence wearing bold colours and prints. Some of the designers of such are Gucci,Christian dior and Versance.
  2. Preppy. This is country club style. Designers include Pollo, Lilly,Ralph Lauren etc
  3. Trendy. This is style that follows current fashions and trends.They are innovative and understand Street fashion. Designers of such are Dolce and Gabbana,Dsquare2 etc
  4. Business casual. This style includes comfortable professional clothing with trouser pants,dressy jeans, buttoned-down, knit-top sweater sets and dresses. Designers known for these are The Gap and banana republic, Cynthia Taylor and the likes
  5. Business Formal. This is the classic,tailored, clean look in solid colors. Designers are Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Ann Taylor. Which of the five styles are yours?!You might have some of each. If you have, you might want to give some serious thought into your personal style and focus on one or two over the others. Mixing too many styles confuses people. They do not know who you are and what you represent. Once you get what you’re style is,make sure you create cohesive statements and a personal style will emerge.

Yeeeeeeeepy, catch you on my next blog post….. Cheers!!😅☺


“Because looking the part is half the battle”…By Cheryl Obermiller

So let’s get back to the basics. I’m pretty sure that most of us have come across this old school proverb that goes ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’, well, my question is,what then are we supposed to judge it by?! Okay,why then do publishers pay so much attention to the cover,if the cover doesn’t necessarily count?!Here’s the real deal, covers matter a great deal and we would be very much disappointed if the cover mislead us on the contents.Right?!

Now,we can all agree that what we see on the outside is a pretty good indicator of what we might probably find in the inside. With that said,what do people see on our covers?! And what do people think they can get from inside of us?!And more importantly,is what we see in the mirror a true reflection of who we really are and can it help us achieve certain goals career wise,in relationships and the likes?!It can be.

The simple fact I’m trying to derive is,looks matter and they matter alot. How you look right now is surely attractive. But question is, attractive to what?! Attraction can be both on the positive side or the Negative. So what are you attracting?!Poverty?!Sex?!love?! etc. Send the right message that is authentic to you by how you look first.Why?! Because when what you say and how you look are not in perfect harmony, people tend to believe latter is true.

In conclusion,I just wanted to say, let’s pay alot of attention in how we look, the messages we send and how people pervice us by the way we are dressed. Don’t just pick cloths randomly just like that,have an orderly manner of dressing up. Really powerful appearances don’t just happen, people plan. Plan a day ahead which cloths you’ll wear to avoid the randomness.Ask yourself this 3 questions;

1)What is the occasion

2)What message do I want to send

3) How can I construct an image that is dynamically attractive to what I want?!

With those three questions, I believe they can channel your dressing to the right direction.And lastly, when you pull out that look you want successfully and effortlessly don’t forget to wear CONFIDENCE.That’s all for today…Chao!!

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